An Open Letter to Shareholders

January 7, 2003

Dear Shareholders:

Since August 5, 2002 and as a result of the actions that you took to install corporate governance at AIGI during the Annual Shareholders Meeting , your newly elected Board of Directors and Executive Mangement have been focused on addressing the myriad of problems left behind by former management. Our priorities remain focused on resolving first, those issues that have a major impact on the survivability of the Company. We are making progress on this front, but due to the confidentiality that these legal and financial negotiations require, we are not at liberty to reveal many details at this time.

Executive management has set several priorites for the Company that we want to take this opportunity to share with you.

We are pleased to announce that we have now reinstated our Web site We appreciate your patience while the website is still under construction. New content will be added to the website as we are able to verify it's accuracy (and not before) in order to help answer your questions regarding your investment in AIGI. I suggest that you add this URL to your favorites list and check in with us often.


Richard G. Boyce - President