"Science Before The Drill Bit"


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Reserves Summary

Short Junction Field
SEC Proved Reserves 26.8 Million BOE

East Cameron Block 71
SEC Proved Reserves 11.3 Million BOE

Eugene Island Block 294
SEC Proved Reserves 6.9 Million BOE

Rio Magdalena
Probable Reserves 595.0 Million BOE


Why Invest In EnDevCo?

  • EnDevCo has acquired 45 million SEC BOE proved reserves for less than $0.40 per barrel.
    • This represents a $20 to $25 per barrel advantage over other companies currently acquiring reserves today.

  • The Company's proved reserves
    have a current replacement value of approximately $1.125 billion dollars.

    • Estimated acquisition cost of 45 million BOE x $25 per barrel.

  • EnDevCo's core areas already have production infrastructure in place, thereby saving tens of millions of investment dollars.

  • The Company's geo-science expertise significantly reduces risk and substantially improves profit upside.


  • 72.6 Million Shares Outstanding
  • 45.4 Million Shares Public Float
  • $76 Million Market Cap
  • $1.05 Recent Share Price

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