EnDevCo, Inc. - Corporate Profile

EnDevCo, Inc. a shortened version of the Energy Development Company, is a dynamic and growing energy company establishing an identity that is consistent with its business development activities. The Company's business plan includes strategies to participate in three sectors of the energy industry:

EnDevCo is founded on the principle that the sensible application of "state of the art" geoscience technologies provides a profound reduction in the risk profile that accompanies all investment in oil and gas exploration and production. In pursuit of this principle, the Company has adopted an attitude that can be encapsulated in the statement "...science before the drill bit."

EnDevCo is pursuing oil and gas exploration and production opportunities in both domestic and international venues. The Company has identified four blocks in the Gulf of Mexico that will provide it with the opportunity to participate in the drilling of low risk, development wells. Several of the blocks are currently in production and as a result of recently acquired 3D seismic data, whose interpretation has been integrated with previously known geological and engineering data, additional low risk development drilling opportunities have been identified. Participation in these types of relatively low risk and low cost wells will provide near term cash flow to support the activities of the Company.