Fair Practice:


The factor of fair practices and privacy policy plays a major role in all employees monitoring activity. Just because a mobile device is offered to the employee free of cost by the employee, it does not mean that the employer has all rights to intervene in his privacy. There is a certain line that the security mechanism should be kept within. For instance, if a person starts to record a call for security purposes or as a result of random company policy, and in the meantime, if he comes to know that the call is of a personal nature, it is mandatory that the call be not recorded.It is highly advisable all privacy policies and employee interests are maintained and legal ethics are followed to create a healthy work environment.




The correct choice of mobile devices according to the Field of work and the activity carried upon by the employees will lead to increase in profitability of the company and the employee as a whole.  The management of a company is responsible to choose a proper policy, implement the strategy appropriately and maintain the implemented policy so that it turns to be beneficial for both the sides.